Borat and His Paper

Topics: Drug addiction, Heroin, Caffeine Pages: 1 (423 words) Published: December 3, 2012
For this assignment I decided that I wouldn’t use a movie that I barely knew and understood, but I would talk about a show that I have watched enough of to really be able to describe the addiction shown in the show. The show that I have chosen to write about is Breaking Bad, and the addiction in the show is an addiction to crystal meth. The character in the show is named Jesse and he is introduced as a cooker/seller of crystal meth. The main character Walter was Jesse’s chemistry teacher in high school so Walt recognizes Jesse. Walt then approaches Jesse on the side and convinces him to help him cook and sell crystal meth using Walter’s chemistry expertise. However once things start going well for the duo Jesse begins using some of the product they are making, very potent stuff. Jesse is then seen at points in the show to be very paranoid and skittish. He becomes easily agitated and seems angry or distant. All of Jesse’s life is changed by his use of drugs, for example, when Jesse tries to get help from his parents they end up kicking him out because they find drugs on their property. When Jesse tries to get a job he is turned down from anything except standing on the road with a sign for a bank. He soon loses all of his friends in either arrests or disputes over drugs, and he becomes reliant on Walter.

Initially when taking the drug, Jesse tried to hide it from Walt by doing it in the bathroom and locking the door. When Walter catches Jesse they have a huge argument and Walt throws away a lot of money and drugs in the heat of things. When he tries to wean himself off of the drug Jesse experiences extreme discomfort and he becomes almost incapacitated by his need for meth. He finally breaks out of it by isolating himself from the drug life for a while and he comes back to Walt seeking to make more money. I think the show shows how an addict acts very well because it is able to show the struggle through multiple episodes. I think that having seen the show...
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