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Overview: The Harvard Business Review article discusses the restructuring plan of the consulting firm Booz Allen & Hamilton. The plan, named “Vision 2000” was introduced in 1993 and involved a complete reorganization of the companies’ way of doing business. Instead of having each office pursue and serve clients independently, Vision 2000 envisioned the collaboration of all of its offices across countries, geographical and language barriers. One of the main goals of Vision 2000 was to give clients the best consultants Booz Allen had for their project, no matter where in the world they were located. The restructuring of the company included the method of compensation, job titles, client recruiting, training, information sharing, and work allocation. Although, the firm’s reorganization was perceived as a success by both, Booz Allen’s management and employees as well as their clients, the changes did not come without their difficulties. Administrative burdens to match the resources with clients’ needs as well as significant travel requirements for its consultants were just some of the challenges. The first phase of Vision 2000 included the integration of all offices into three main geographical areas – Asia-Pacific-Japan (APJ), Atlantic (containing Europe and North America), and Latin America. Now the debate took place whether the integration should be taken to the next and final level, a global structure by merging of all its practices based on industry and function.

Background: Edwin Booz started the management consultancy firm back in 1914 and was joined by James Allen and Carl Hamilton in the 1930s. Much of the companies’ early workload was driven by governmental contracts, especially by the Department of Defense. The company went public in 1970, but started to repurchase the stocks only a few years later to create a closely held corporation with a partnership Page 3

culture, organized into decentralized regional offices. Each office was responsible for...
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