Boondock Saints

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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Boondock Saints
The Boondock Saints was directed by Troy Duffy in 1999. The movie starred Sean Patrick Flanery as Connor MacManus and Norman Reedus as Murphy MacManus. The Boondock Saints is a film about religion, family, and vigilante justice in which Sean and Norman play as two Irish brothers tying to rid the evil in Boston.

To begin, I will talk about the names of the cast members and the people they played as. I will be getting the names of the people in the movie from the website From there I will go on to talk about the three main topics in the movie which are religion, family, and vigilante justice. The movie is more than just about running and gunning, though, and in this paper I will point out the things in the movie that show the aforementioned topics. Religion, for example, is shown in the very first scene.

The opening scene of the movie starts off in a Catholic church with Connor (Sean Patrick Flanery) and Murphy (Norman Reedus) praying. This shows that there will be a strong base of religion in the movie along with faith in the Lord and in each other. Once the brothers finish their prayer, they walk up to the statue of Jesus hanging on the cross and kiss his feet. This shows a strong respect for the Lord and that they will be faithful to him at all times. This is just one of the few ways that the movie shows their faith to God.

Once the men fulfill God’s plan as His personal mercenaries or, in other words, ‘killing bad people’, they place pennies on the eyes of the men that they kill. The reason that Connor and Murphy do this is because of the ancient Greek belief that when you die, the coins placed on the eyes of the deceased must pay a toll to the boatman running the ferry to take the dead across the River Styx to get to the Underworld. The brothers are committing murder, but they are doing so because they believe they are killing bad people, people that would do anything to make money. They are killing on God’s...
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