Cody Nilsen
Trevor Penland
ENG 102
The Boondock Saints
The movie The Boondock Saints is an original take in many aspects of moviemaking; the movie includes action, crime, and thriller, while still maintaining a comedic aspect. The originality of the movie in its genre changes the idea of how serious an action movie has to be. For a movie to be an original one, it needs to have a plot that defers from most movies. The main idea has to be something that the viewer has not seen before. The other trait that a movie needs to be original comes from the directors prospective of how the story is shown. At the same time, it needs interesting camera work with a unique timeline for the plot of a movie. Although not every aspect of a movie can be original, even unoriginal parts are useful in making a great movie. The last trait of an original movie is the acting.

The story timelines for most movies are usually straight forward, going from point A to point B. However, in the Boondocks Saints, the viewers do not find out what happens regarding the fights and murders till afterward. To understand what happens, the viewers have to wait till the federal investigator explains the situation. This timeline is unusual for an action genre; normally there is a buildup to a fight scene. Therefore, to be original, the movie cuts out right before the fight scene and goes straight to the aftermath. By doing this, it breaks the pattern of going from point A to Point B. This also allows the viewers to see what the investigators get wrong when the fight scene is finally shown.

A common theme for action movies is “the hero’s journey.” The hero starts out his journey living a normal life when something causes them to rise up to the occasion. In The Boondock Saints, whether or not they are heroes is up to the viewers. The reason the brothers start killing off members of the mob is for religious reasons. That allows us to decide if they are really the good guys...
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