Bookstore Industry Competitive Advantage

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Section 2.0 Strategic Objectives
Section 2.1 Mission/Vision Statement
Commodore Book’s mission is to make sure Lorain County Community College students, and other patrons, have the easiest, organized access to books and other necessities for school. They make sure they have the most resources available at affordable prices for students, and whoever else may need them.
Section 2.2 Competitive Advantage
Commodore Books uses their customer excellence to maintain loyal customers. From LCCC sweatshirts and Apple© products, to nursing scrubs and assortments of notebooks, they offer many different brands and merchandise making it easy for each individual customer to find what they need. Whether new or used, they always have the books available in time that are necessary for each semester. Also, most employees at Commodore Books are students; therefore the customer service is always great because it’s usually someone familiar behind the counter or working the floor. There are always plenty of employees there to help you find your way around the store if there is a specific item or brand a customer is looking for. This company has efficient operations by making it very easy for students to buy their books and supplies through their financial aid right at the register just by having your student ID ready. It also allows them to buy not only their books, but supplies and clothing too. The book store is very organized in where to find each subject and materials. Commodore Books has a website making it available for students to order books and merchandise online at their convenience. Commodore Books definitely use product excellence to sustain their competitive advantage. They offer “Student Value” editions of books which include study guide, loose leaf book, access code, and sometimes a notebook. This makes it cheaper for students because all of the items are bundled together into one purchase. The clothing that they offer in Commodore Books has...
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