Booksmart and Streetsmart

Topics: Learning, The Streets, High school Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Street smart are more important than book smart? I think street smart are more important, because book smart are knowledge, it not ability in work. Street smart comes from experience, It means you've learned how to take what has happened to you, good or bad, think about it, and learn to improve from it. Book smarts means someone who is good at following the rules. There are three thesis to doubt it which are most company are not are about high educated, they only concentrated the experience, book smart maybe useful in the study, in social people need smart for doing and every boss maybe has not book smart, but must have street smart. Street smart means people have situational awareness; people can assess the environment you are in, who is in it, and what the available angles are. So, most of the company need people who has got street smart,book smart means high educated, it not useful for work, people should has experience in work place. For example, there are more and more high educated students which just graduated can not find job, because they have not street smart. Being on the street, or whatever low to the ground metaphor you prefer, requires you learn to trust your own judgment about people and what matters. This skill, regardless of where you develop it, is of great value everywhere in life regardless of how far from the streets you are. Book Smart maybe useful in the school, people need street smart for doing in social. People go to school when they were children, they in order to learn more knowledge to growth up, and then become stronger to survive. Although many people has good learning achievement in the school, when they have graduated, they did not how to use it in the life, they only can get number 1 in the school, they cannot to deal with the problem in the life and they do not know how to make friends with people. They forgot why they study when they were children. They are many boss and manage maybe have not book smart, but they must have...
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