Books Becoming Obsolete

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  • Published : April 3, 2012
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Why Books Are Becoming Obsolete

Books are slowly becoming irrelevant. With the growth of the technology and the Internet are slowly becoming obsolete. The number of books American read is in a decline. Reading is a simple, quite entertainment that does not feast to many people as exciting.

With the advancements in technology, the use of books is no longer in greater need than is past years. With the introduction of electronic reading devices, like the Amazon Kindle or the iPad in recent years. With these devices you are able to download the books straight to the device without leaving to have to go to the book story to buy them. You just have to be connected to the Internet. So even though readings are still being bought, actual paper books are not. The use of Kindles and iPads also gives easier access to transportation. Also Amazon, the maker of the Kindle, provides very easy access to downloading the books digitally. They make it very easy to the owners of the Kindles. They also have a lower price to download the book. This is partially due to the fact they have spent money in buying the device. Kindles are able to hold up to three thousand books. It is much easier to search for books online rather than at bookstores. You are easily able to search the title of the book you are searching for and can click and download the book of your choice. In a matter a minutes you have the book and are able to read the book. Opposed too, having to go to the bookstore, such as Barnes and Nobles, or Borders to purchase the book of choice. Going to these stores also doesn’t guarantee the book will be there in stock. In that case you could have to order the book and that could take a few days to a couple weeks. In that amount of time, you could have already have finished the book with an electric reader. In most cases the digital copy is cheaper that the actual book it self, therefore saving you money.

More and more Americans are turning away from books. Television shows...
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