Bookreview: Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office

Topics: Mistake, Mistaken, Woman Pages: 5 (1417 words) Published: April 23, 2011
1Summary of the book
This book is about the unique mistakes women make at work, the coaching suggestions the writer provides to help them take charge of their careers, and the ways in which women hold themselves back from achieving their full potential. The mistakes described in each chapter are real, as are the accompanying examples. The coaching tips at the end of each section are identical to the ones the writer provides to women around the world (he’s namely a coach, trainer, human resource professional and psychotherapist). Many of these women later report that the suggestions helped them get promoted, hired, a raise, more respect from their management and peers, or the confidence needed to start their own businesses. Chapter 1 is about how to get started and the explanation of how girls are. In this chapter there is self-assessment that shows your strengths and weaknesses. After you get to know yourself by doing the self-assessment some specific coaching tips are given like to give yourself permission to move from girlhood to womanhood, visualize yourself as you want to be, talk back the fearful voice inside your head, surround yourself with a Plexiglas shield, etc. Chapter 2 is about how to play the game. It’s about the fact that women don’t like the idea of playing the game of business. But actually women are born to win that game because they can listen, collaborate, motivate and see the human side of their staff. In this chapter the weaknesses of women are explained: stop doing the work of others, stop working without a break, stop being naïve, stop protecting jerks, etc. Chapter 3 is about how to act. This chapter explains the subtle, stereotypical behavior of women. For example: needing to be liked, not asking questions for fear of sounding stupid, telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth, etc. Chapter 4 is about how to think. This chapter shows that women think too much. For example: don’t take full responsibility, don’t obediently follow instructions, don’t let people waste your time, don’t ignore the importance of network relationships, etc. Chapter 5 is about how to brand and market yourself. The workplace is a marketplace and the product is you. The problems are: waiting to be noticed, being modest, staying in the safety zone, giving away ideas, being invisible, etc. Chapter 6 is about how to sound. This chapter is focused on how women communicate. The best ideas fall on deaf ears because woman can’t convince because of their lack of specific and persuasive language. Mistakes: asking permission, explaining, apologizing, not answering the question, talking too fast…

Chapter 7 is about how to look. This chapter is about the things that women unconsciously do that make them look less capable and competent then they really are. For example: smile inappropriately, wearing inappropriate makeup, dressing inappropriately, sitting in meetings with your hands under the table,… Chapter 8 is the last chapter and is about how to respond. This is about how women respond to the ways people treat them. For example: believing others know more than you, tolerating inappropriate behavior, putting the needs of others before your own, and mistake 101: crying.

Facilitateto make possible or easier
Stridentdescribes a sound which is loud, unpleasant and rough Decadesa period of ten years, especially a period such as 1860 to 1869, or 1990 to 1999 Placateto stop someone from feeling angry
Detrimentalcausing harm or damage
Contingenta group of people representing an organization or country, or a part of a military force Compliantwilling to do what other people want you to do
Reinforcementwhen something is made stronger
Derailto prevent a plan or process from succeeding
Counteractto reduce or remove the effect of something unwanted by producing an opposite effect ProofingTo test; examine for flaws, errors, etc.; check against a standard or standards DiligentlyConstant in effort to...
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