Bookreport "The Bully"

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  • Published : November 14, 2011
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The Bully by Paul Langan

Book Report
Shanta R. Wilson
Liberty University

Mrs. Rhonda Wilson
July 31, 2011

I am writing my book report for Mrs. Rhonda Wilson, which is the instructor for PSYC/221. The book I will be giving my report on is The Bully by Paul Langan. This book contains 190 pages. It was copyright in 2002 by Townsend Press, Inc. and printed in the United States of America. The cover was illustrated in 2001 by Gerald Purnell and was designed by Larry Didona. I choose this book because it is something children face every day. The Bully is a story about a boy named Darrell Mercel who lives in Philadelphia with his mom. In Philadelphia, he had a best friend named Mark that would always help him when he had a trouble because he was a small boy and skinny. At that time, his mom had a new job in California better than in Philadelphia, so Darrell and his mom had to move there. One thing which Darrell was scared when they moved to a new life was people will bully him. He thought that he would not have any friends in there. One day, he went to the supermarket to pick up some groceries and he saw a girl who named Amberlynn studied the same school as him which was Bluford high school, and they had a chance to meet each other. The first day Darrell went to school; there was a boy who named Tyray started bullying him. He forces Darrell to paying him ten dollar every Friday. Darrell was very scared of him, so he agreed to pay Tyray every Friday. After many days Darrell talked with Amberlynn, he knew that Amberlynn liked him but Tyray liked her also, so he didn't want to talk with her any more. In school, he tried to practice for the wrestling team and he had got good point. Although he lost the first match by two points, the second match he won eight points. After that, they went to a party; Darrell invited Amberlynn go to a dance, but suddenly Tyray came and humiliate Darrell and so Darrell went to home early. The winter comes, and...
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