Bookreport Lock & Key by Sarah Dessen

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|1. Title of the book |Lock and Key |

|2. Author of the book |Sarah Dessen |

|3. In one sentence say how you came to read |I had already read a book of Sarah Dessen and I liked her writing style so I wanted to read| |this book. |another book of her. |

|4. Where and when is the story in the book |In the present in a place called Wildflower Ridge. | |set? | |

|5. In short say what the story is about. |It’s about a girl who is trying to find herself when she comes to live with her sister and | | |lives a whole other life than she used to live. |

|6. Write down information you can find on |Lock and Key is the eight book of Sarah Dessen. It is partly based on her own life. She | |the history of the writing of the book and |used to live in a little yellow farmhouse and then moved to a big new house she built | |its author. |herself. After she moved she thought a lot about the little yellow house, and how it | | |represented her life before she was a writer. When she decided to take a look at is a few | | |years later the little house was gone and big new houses were built. This got her thinking | | |about how your life can change is a second but to change yourself takes much longer. |

|7. Who are the main characters in the book. |The main character of the book is Ruby the girl who is trying to find herself. Nate, Ruby’s| |Give information about their relationships. |neighbour, who helps Ruby, seems totally happy, but has a big problem himself: his father | | |abuses him. Nate and Ruby get a relationship, in the beginning Nate helps Ruby and in the | | |end Ruby helps Nate to get away from his father. Other big characters are: Cora, Ruby’s | | |sister who takes care of her after her mother left. Jamie, Cora’s husband so he’s Ruby’s | | |brother in law. Olivia, a friend of Ruby she meets at her new school. And Gevais, he | | |carpools with Nate and Ruby, and has a secret crush on Olivia. |

|8. Say which group of readers this book is |This is a book for young adults. The book is about a teenager finding herself en figuring | |meant for and say why you think that! |and I think most teenagers are trying to find themselves too, so they can relate to her | | |very easily. |

|9. Choose a new ending for the story you |In the end Nate is going to live with his mother, but I hoped Nate could have stayed with | |have just read and say why you would want it|Jamie, Cora and Ruby because now you don’t know what’s going to happen with Nate because he| |to end that way. |had issues with his mother too. If Nate would have stayed you would know what happened to | | |him. So Nate’s character has an open ending and I don’t like open endings because I want to| | |know what’s going to happen to a...
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