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Case Study


Company C currently use a Lotus Approach Database Application to control customers, quotes, bookings and supplier confirmations. Many parts of the system have no links and data has to be keyed several times. The requirement is for a system whereby they can control the booking process without re-entry of the data. Company C currently runs a ‘sister’ company, which has a web based enquiry and booking system.

Currently Customer Data, Quote data and Enquiry data is stored in the Approach system. In future this will be stored within the website as this information is entered when creating a quote or enquiry. To ensure staff can always get access to the quote website, it will be replicated between the online website database and the office database using SQL replication. The office will use a intranet (internal) website to gain access to the office database. The office website will be used for all customer interaction up to and including the order being placed. It is suggested for payment that a virtual terminal is used, this means each user can enter credit card payments for deposits from their desktop. After processing through the terminal, the reply and confirmation will be recorded in the back office database. It is also suggested that an encrypted database for short term storage of credit card details and payments if it is not possible to connect to the virtual terminal due to broadband outage. A daily reminder will be send on payments due that are stored within this database. Once payment is made all details will be removed from the credit card database.

The back office system will be used to follow up after the booking has been made. This will include confirming bookings for hotels, golf, car hire and flights. Final costs, payments and exchange rates can also be added to the system to provide feedback on margins and profits for bookings. Reports as agreed will be included within the system. Further reporting will be achieved using Microsoft Access and ODBC access to the database.

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Case Study


The booking database will have a menu driven system to allow access to different tasks within the application. This will allow access to all Quotes, all orders, customers, hotels, car hire, golf, flights, tasks due, payments due, profits/margins (TBD). If access control is required, the system will control access of users (TBA).

The view of quotes and orders will list all active orders and active quotes. These will be searchable using a search form by criteria TBD. Quotes and Orders can then be open from this screen. Quote and Order forms will contain information about the quote, what has been booked, confirmed etc. Alternatively the quotes and orders can present an entry view so criteria can be added and results returned as in the current Approach system.

The order form will return details based on the quote for this holiday. It has been suggested that quotes be grouped by a holiday reference i.e. Golf holiday Easter. All quotes for this reference and customer would be seen against the order. Changes to the order would be made by re-quoting and adding the quote to the order. All orders will have a number of switches that must be set to show certain tasks have been completed i.e. Hotel confirmation sent, car hire booked, flights booked etc. It will be possible to view the hotel booking, book the golf etc via a menu and forms system. Outstanding amounts due and payments will also be viewable from this screen. A summary form will also be available to see payments, costs, exchange rates and profits from the booking. The view of customers will show all customers within the quotes database. This...
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