Booker T V. Dubois Dbq

Topics: W. E. B. Du Bois, African American, Black people Pages: 3 (1045 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Booker T. v. WEB DuBois DBQ
During the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century there was a social reform taking place within the South. The Civil War had just ended and Lincoln freed the slaves. The slaves were now free to join the others in society, but they still faced many issues, which still made them less superior to all other humans within Southern society. Booker T. and WEB DuBois, two of the strongest leaders of the black during this time, had two very different strategies to deal with discrimination and poverty throughout the South. Booker T's strategies focused more with an educational view while WEB DuBois thought more with a political view. Although both very different views they both made a phenomenal impact on not only southern society, but also on America.

Booker T. focused on blacks getting a job education because he believed if they focused only on equality that they wouldn't be able to get anywhere. Booker T. wanted blacks to have economic equality. He would go speak out to the whites and blacks. When he talked to the whites he would speak on how blacks are stereotyped, but when he would speak with the blacks he would tell them not to hide in the whites shadows. Basically he told the blacks to start involving themselves within society instead of holding back. Booker T. also believed that if the blacks got to work that not only would they gain the respects of whites and benefit themselves, but it would also help benefit the whites. He believed that the Southern economy would be benefited by blacks working in the factories. As stated in document D "To those of the white race who look to the incoming of those of foreign birth and strange tongue and habits for the prosperity of the South, were I permitted I would repeat what I say to my own race, 'Cast down your bucket where you are.' Cast it down among the eight millions of Negroes whose habits you know, whose fidelity and love you have tested in days when to have proved...
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