Booker T. Washington Essay

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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1. Ajeurai Jeme
2. Book Report 1
3. February 17, 2013
4. Not applicable
5. UP FROM SLAVERY: An Autobiography
6. Booker T. Washington
7. 1901
8. Non-Fiction
9. 115 pages
10. Yes
11. 8 hours
12. Why was Booker T. Washington was so determined to receive an education. 13. Booker T. Washington was born on a plantation in Franklin county, Virginia that was owned by James Burrough in the spring of 1850. He lived with his mother and 2 siblings in a small one room cabin also known as the plantation kitchen, due to the fact his mother was the plantation cook. The cabin was very run down, and they slept in piles of old, dirty rags at night. He wasn’t allowed to get an education, his job around the plantation was to bring corn to the mill via horseback, bring the slaves that were working in the field water. In 1965 all the slaves were freed and that’s his mother moved him and siblings to Malden, Virginia. The walk was very long, they were just glad to be free. At age 9 Booker and his brother worked at the salt furnace with their step father, soon after the began working as a coal miner. He still didn’t know how to read and write, so his parents allowed him to receive teaching lessons at night and teach his self. While he worked at the coal mine, he heard two men discussing a school located in Hampton, Virginia. The school he was hearing of was Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute. Its was a school were blacks could pay or work off the stay at the Institute will obtaining the education needed to take on a trade or profession. When Booker was 16, he traveled well over 800 miles to Hampton. He walked some ways, he hitched rides from strangers also. When he arrived at Hampton he wasn’t sure if he would be accepted but the teacher saw something in him. When attending Hampton, Booker had also been offered a job as the school janitor. The pay wasn’t much but he helped him pay most of his room and board. He attend Hampton for 2 years at the age of 19 Booker...
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