Booker T. Washington Contributions

Topics: Slavery, African American, Black people Pages: 6 (2170 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Brielle Hawkins
March 23, 2012
Afro Period 8th

A) Let’s Make a Slave
Summary: It was about Fredrick Douglas making man and woman into slaves he wanted to study the nature of a slave. He also wanted to teach them how to be one showing them the ropes how to read with great accuracy, the state of mind and heart. They needed to make sure good workers out of them making sure they had great quality work. So they would go to the extreme breaking their spirits, breaking them down from their cultures and the way of living making them as if they were working zombies. Making them have no choice but to depend on the destructor that the independence they once knew would be destroyed. This way their business and pleasure would be productive. My Reaction: I just couldn’t believe what I was reading. How they thought it was okay to write an letter on their opinions on how they think a black African American should be a slave and the steps they to take to making a black person one. I was applauded at the ignorance and the low respect they had for us of color. I thought that it was degrading, I didn’t agree with anything he said, it was like he was comparing us to animals. Like in the letter he compared to breaking a horse from being wild to being a tain animal. We are not be tain to anyone we a have rights and choices where we decide to work and the things we do.

B) Cardinal principles for making a negro
Summary: It was the understanding principles of breaking both of the beasts together, the black and the horse as they referred in the letter. Stating that the economy cannot be right if both blacks and horses are in the wild or natural state. They need to put together as one and be broken for production. Female and the youngest offspring must be crossbred to produce a variety and division of labor. How they must learn a new language psychological and physical instruction of containment an African. It also bad if the horse is wild or natural because that means it’s hard to break them from their customary freedom its dangerous to capture them so they might be murder in their sleep. It is bad if they are not broken it will be too much to handle you must keep the body and take the mind no more mental life. My Reaction: I think that how they talk about the comparison of blacks and horses is ridiculous because I don t agree with them saying that it’s not good for them to be wild or in a natural state. We are human beings it shouldn’t me anything if we are wild, it is meant for us to be free just like white people. We are not robots we should be able to have a mind of our own. God did not make us like this for us to be treated as nothing unacceptable. We belong to society just the way we are, I don’t think we need to be broken just to belong. We shouldn’t be beat to show new things should be done. You don’t put fear into one heart to show discipline or in steal development and work ethics. We deserve to be treated all the same even animals should be free.

C) The breaking process of the African woman
Summary: They needed to break African woman by running tests on her to see if she meet up to their desires. They have to text her in every way because is really an important factor for good economics. If she show any resistance and going against your will you must beat her until she understand requirements of what they want. Then she will train her offspring to do the same be ready for labor. Also how the black male with limited protection they must teach their male offspring to be dependent of the mother. My Reaction: to break a woman is the worst thing you can possibly so. Especially taking advantage of a woman’s body. That is the most precious things to us it’s our temple. It something that we cherish and for a man to use and abuse it really takes away what we have. Making the woman weak, insecure, angry and sad. No man has that giving right to do what they please with us without our consent. Women and men were taught...
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