Booker T Washington

Topics: Black people, White people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: November 14, 2012
Booker T. Washington and the Struggle Against White Supremacy

One of the most powerful black leaders to have ever live, this is what some people argued of Booker T. Washington. With a black mother and white father he never knew, Washington was born into slavery near Hale’s Ford in Franklin County, Virginia. He worked growing up, and then attended Hampton Institute, a school designed to educate African and Native Americans. I don’t think he knew, that anybody knew, how much he would change the world over his lifetime. There were many racists view’s back then. Booker T. Washington learned how to work around whites to get what he wanted, and took many tours around the United States to teach other blacks.

Racism has been around for years, and remains around today. The difference is that it was much more cruel back then. There were many racist views expressed by whites toward blacks in the 19th century. After Reconstruction, whites began to really express these views. They had seen that blacks had been involved in many black political activities and it pissed them off. They also were mad since they had lost the Civil War. They claimed that: “Blacks had had their fair chance, had demonstrated their present incapacity for self-government, and could justifiably be relegated, for time being at least, to an inferior status.”

Black people where humiliated, beaten, and thrown in jail, and even killed. Whites also controlled blacks’ futures economically. They established black codes to ensure that blacks had stable labor force, which designated “servants” as employees and “masters” as employers. This prevented blacks from vagrancy or loitering, making them work even if they did not want to.

Booker T. Washington was a very smart man, well at least I think he is. He knew how to get what he wanted, the psychology of “Black Survivalism”. He uses many survivalist tactics he used on white people to gain improved living conditions for blacks. Many people feel that he...
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