-Book- Top 8 by: Katie Finn

Topics: Antagonist, Protagonist, Character Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: February 17, 2011
Everything in her life was working out. She had her three best friends, a brand new boyfriend, and the lead in the school play. Who was she? Madison MacDonald was the name and she is seriously freaking out. Because ever since she got her Friendverse hacked her life went from perfect to terrible. The most damaging secrets are out and Madison was completely sabotaged. Now her boyfriend and she are broken up, half the school hates her, and her friends, and she’s in it deep. And now she has to figure out who could have done this, try to get her boyfriend back, and clear her name.

This book takes place at first, Spring Break with Madison, the main character; or Protagonist she’s on break and her parents have decided to take her to the Galapagos Islands for the whole break. But when she returns and checks her Friendverse, her profile had been turned inside out. And then the setting mostly happens at her school.

The mood of the book would make you experience the feelings of the main character. It’s mainly confusion, anger, and wonder. Because you would wonder who and why would try to sabotage Madison and be confused to what was their motive. The anger was mainly just all around Madison as she tried to get people to understand she was hacked, but yet nobody would believe her.

Well, it seems that the Antagonists are Ruth, her Best Friend since Middle School, and her PC repair dude, Dell, a good friend of her, were the ones who hacked her profile. The Dynamic character was mostly Madison. Because as she learned and searched for answers, she became more mature and took total responsibility for the hack, because it was partly her fault too. Shy, another one of Madison’s closest friends, and Lissa, are the Static characters because they stayed the same through out the whole story. Shy was the one who had multiple personalities, (Round Character) and Lissa mainly had one. (Flat Character) This story mainly was Indirect Characterization; you had to pick out how they were...
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