Book That Left Unforgettable Impact on My Life

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  • Published : November 30, 2011
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I like to read books but due to lack of time I only read the books assigned for studies. After all this, if I sometime get a chance, I like to read novels, magazines and some inspirational books. Last summer I read a book "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living" by Dale Carnegie. This book is extremely interesting and it's worth reading it. It teaches us things that can truly impact in one’s life; it teaches us how to live our life without worrying and how to overcome worry to live our life happily and without harming our health. The book covers eight different full of knowledge. I liked all parts but now I am going to describe those which I like most. The first is, "Fundamental facts you should know about worrying". This part tells that most of the time we worry about past and future rather than our present. This kind of situation creates more complications for us because we should live in today. Because, past has already gone and the future is unpredictable, and for these things we should not have to spoil our present. We should learn from past to make our present better and if our present is better, we need not to worry about future. Future depends on today, so we should concentrate on our present. The second part I like is How to Break the Worry Habit Before It Breaks You. In this we have told that if you want to keep your mind away from worrying then make yourself busy. When your mind will be busy, you will not get time to worry about negative aspects of the things. Besides these thoughts, it is full of other useful material. This book made an impact on me because when I read the book, I felt like it is very closely related to my life. Everybody knows about student life is full of worries about studies, work and family. We have to manage everything in life to focus on our studies. So, I put up some general but precious things to make my life little more interesting and enjoyable. From this book, I learn to be happy in our life because it teaches me...
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