Book Summary: The Hobbit

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  • Published : November 16, 2011
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The Hobbit Essay

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien is a book about a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins who was never adventurous. He went on a dangerous journey with the dwarves and he developed a lot as a hobbit as a result. He goes on a great journey and faces many challenges. Bilbo Baggins’ dad was named Bungo Baggins. Hobbits never go on adventures but Bilbo’s mom Belladonna Took was in the Took family. Tooks are very adventurous even though they’re hobbits. His journey with the dwarves turned him more of a Took than a Baggins. Bilbo thinks quickly to get the dwarves out of the cellar. He saw that the guard and butler were asleep, so he took his keys and freed the dwarves. “Upon my word, Gandalf spoke true, as usual! A pretty fine burglar you make, it seems, when the time comes. I am sure we are all for happens after this. But what comes next?”(179) Hobbits are supposed to be lazy and do nothing. But the Took side of Bilbo’s family was different; they went on adventures and had amazing plans to find treasure and steal from rich creatures. How could Bilbo save his friends from elves and spiders if he was just a hobbit? It’s because he was chosen by Gandalf to be a burglar and he took his burglar duties seriously, even though many times he didn’t want too. Being a burglar forced him to change from being a lazy hobbit to a courageous hobbit. But he was not just a hobbit he was a Took hobbit. Bilbo truly transformed to a Took at this point in the novel. Bilbo’s adventure with the dwarves definitely showed that he was more of a Took than a Baggins when he was away from the safety and comfort of his home. Bilbo’s quick thinking in the cellar freed the dwarves from the elves. This was the Took side of him taking control. Bilbo’s perilous journey proved that Hobbits can be brave and courageous, and for that he had the Took side of his family to thank.
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