Book Summary of Chasing Lincoinc Killer

Topics: John Wilkes Booth, Abraham Lincoln, Samuel Mudd Pages: 2 (416 words) Published: May 22, 2013
In the book Chasing Lincolns Killer I realized that Booth got lucky a few times after the assassination. There was many times he could have been caught for example, the cavalry didn’t investigate muds call to the police because they had too many people saying they knew where Booth was and Edman Spangler and John Peanut did not abandon the horse so Booth was able to escape easily. Also, the cavalry did not check the Pine Thicket in Maryland where john Wilkes Booth and David Herold were hiding.

I’d like to know that if Booth had such a successful life why he would commit a crime that would ruin his life. He had money, fame, and fans. I’d also like to know if John Wilkes Booth had any other reasons to kill Abraham Lincoln besides the confederacy. Did Lincoln do something else than free slaves that Booth did not like?

If Edman Spangler and John peanut were not there that night to hold Booth’s horse, then would Booth have been able to escape that night? Booth would have had to tie up the horse, and then when Booth would try to escape he would have had to untie the horse. Which when Booth was being chased he would have been caught. It would have taken John Wilkes Booth too much time and Joseph Stewart would have captured him. Also Edman Spangler would not have been sentenced to life in prison.

I wonder if Booth had a misfire or missed Lincoln and had not successfully killed the president, what would have changed. Would Booth panic and take out his knife? Would Booth kill someone else or could he be captured by major Rathbone and Lincoln. Would the manhunt for Lincoln’s killer never happen? Also Dr. Samuel A Mudd would not have been imprisoned.

Although it seems Booth was a hated man, he still found ways to escape the cavalry. Booth was a very smart man. He traveled in front of the news of the assassination and told no one who he was. Booth also was very hard to get rid of. John Wilkes did not like being told to leave and when he was told to leave...
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