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Topics: Family, Mother, Father Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: December 29, 2012
A family makes and adds to a child’s personality. How people act and what you are in life is associated to your family, a child learns the most from their family life. The way your family interacts with you and others has a lifelong effect on your personality. Keeping in view all these facts the importance of your family life cannot be denied. Family unit happens to be the most important part of your life till you grow up. The book ‘A Bridge to Wisemans Cove’ There is a clear example of an unhealthy family as show with Carl and the matt family. The author believes it all stemmed from His grandparents broken relationship which causes their three children (Carls mother and aunts) to become the way they are broken and dysfunctional. Harley is a prime example of a child who suffers because he doesn’t belong to a functional family with a constantly disappearing mother and a totally unstable household atmosphere Harley found it difficult to perform well in school or behave well with adults and authority Carl and Harley as well as any child need a am Parental sense of love and belonging. All children deserve a safe, happy Environment to grow up and develop in and livening and attentive Guardians whether that may be a mother, foster parent of aunt. A child should be nourished and helped. Role models are an important part of growing up and positive role models aid children in Developing into a positive (addition) member of the community. The book demonstrates broken families lead to a lot more number of children who suffer insecurity in their early ages and as a result they are not that stable. These people tend to have a variety of fears and insecurity. They do not have the courage to face their life. As family life plays a very important role in shaping you as a person, lack of security in your family life makes you a bit unstable as a person. Cal Had no-one to look up too as he grew up He had no Father figure to model himself on and his mother was constantly...
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