Book Study on the Purpose Driven Life

Topics: Meaning of life, Personal life, The Purpose Driven Life Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Robby Williams
Intro to Christian ministry
A Summary of the Book:
“The Purpose Driven Life” by
Author and Pastor, Rick Warren

The whole book begins with a simple but life changing statement, “It’s not about you!”. I love this because Warren goes on to say that our purpose in this life is not in ourselves but comes from the one who created us. The only way we can figure out our eternal purpose is to seek Him. We were never an accident but were formed to find this reason why God put us here and to live it out. Each person has the responsibility, individually, to follow the plan that God has created each person for, individually.

Rick Warren then goes on to explain that our purpose stems from our perspective and how it lines up with God’s perspective. We have to understand that when we try to look at trials and tribulations in life from His perspective then we know that they are only tests that He wants to use to strengthen and build us up. We should be fine with this because the life that we have is not our own. We do not have the right to use our life for whatever we want to do to satisfy our selfish desires. The life that we have is only trusted to us for a short time to accomplish the things that the one who rented it to us has for us. We are only foreign ambassadors to a lost world for a short time until we receive our reward in heaven.

From this perspective we also see our identity as an heir to the throne and an adopted member of the family of God. Once we realize where our citizenship lies, we can understand that another part of our purpose on earth is to serve and have community with the other children of God. Through Christ we are granted benefits associated with being a child of the king to use as we carry out His plan. We cannot be fully effective without this fellowship with the Church. God made us to have to rely on our fellow brothers and sisters for support in our battle here on earth.

The author ties every principle discussed...
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