Book Review: Whatever Happened to the Real America

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  • Published : November 18, 2010
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Chapter 1 (What Happened to the Real America? An Introduction), in this chapter Dr. Gosine uses the interaction theory. He explains to the reader why he is writing his book and what it is going to be about. He states that he wants to let the reader see other points of view and become aware of the problems in the United States and hopefully be one of the people who will lead our country and bring it back to the true meaning our what our founding fathers really wanted America to be. He states "My primary concern in it is to compare traditional America with modern America and ascertain what went wrong, if anything, especially in the recent past." (Gosine 1-10)

Freedom and all men are created equal still lay somewhat true in society is still true but have changed dramatically over time from what it once was. With laws limiting the freedoms Americans have we as a people are not truly free. Many things also show the line all men are created equal is not all that true either since the rich seem to have more rights than the poor and also get taxed less. This causes the poor to not be able to move anywhere in our society’s chain of hierarchy. The author wrote "While it is possible that there was once something called the "American Dream," yet the reaching towards that "Dream" is beginning to become more and more of a remote possibility with each passing day" this so called Dream is "profoundly confined to a privileged few." It is for this reason that more and more problems are coming about in American society.

Instead of moving up in society today most families are realizing that they are starting to fall backwards on the "class latter." This is also true in other countries such as Cuba where Fidel Castro took control in 1959 with his military might and created "a period of perennial degeneracy for the Cuban people." Now we all know that the kinds of political problems we face here in the United States is no ware near that of second and third world countries but "we tend to have some problems of our own which are beginning to rip apart the very fabric of this nation."

Some of the things that are tearing this nation apart are crime which is our number one problem, Racism and bigotry, our education system which is severely below what our standards used to be, and also the American economy which is almost in a state of destruction. We here in the United States also stopped emphasizing the family which has lead to a rising divorce rate, juvenile delinquency, and other more disturbing problems like child abuse and the most horrifying child pornography along with an absorbent amount of other problems which plague this great society. We as a nation have been able to bounce back from adversity before but "unless we take hold of ourselves by the bootstraps and bring ourselves to the task of addressing these problems," "we run the risk of becoming a second-class nation." this might ultimately lead to the demise of America as we know it.

Chapter 2 (The Lessons of History), In this chapter the author uses conflict theory to explain how some of the world’s great societies fell and the similarities they have to American society today. The focus will be on the Greek, Roman, and European civilizations. Before we begin the author asks us two questions. "First, will the American civilization, like almost all of the other great civilizations of the past, ultimately fall by the wayside?" "Second, will the factors that brought down other great civilizations of the past serve to bring down the United States?" (Gosine 11-21)

We will start with the Greek contributions and there were many such as architecture, the first school of medicine, democracy, drama, and mythology along with others. Most of the contributions of this once great society revolved around science and philosophy. Although there society was well endowed in many areas of life the society still fell.

Some of the factors which contributed to the fall of Greece...
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