Book Review Tourist Sign and the City

Topics: Tourism, Cultural tourism, World Tourism Organization Pages: 4 (1184 words) Published: January 22, 2013
A review of:
Tourist, Sign and the City
Michelle M. Metro-Roland
Ashgate, 2011. 171 pp., ISBN 978-0-7546-7809-0 (hb).

Some people write an intelligent book in their lifetime. Michelle M. Metro-Roland has written one book, in a single life, which is a culmination of many intelligent books. This book will be remembered for its content, language, research as well as its presentation. The author has spent considerable amount of time in the study location which makes this work authentic and accurate. This book is a jewel in the series of New Directions in Tourism Analysis.

This work brings together global expertise in landscape geography, visual studies and tourism studies in an urban landscape with Budapest being the centre of study. It talks about basic ingredients that make a city into aworld-class tourist destination. The unraveling of terms and concepts like ‘Landscapes’, ‘Cityscapes’ and ‘Touristscapes’ are interesting and convincing.

Elaborate research with multidimensional approaches, makes the entire study absolutely authentic as well as realistic. The author has presented the study without any alteration or personal view, which gives the readers a perspective through the eyes of participants. These subjects, read tourists, have voluntarily participated in the study, without knowing the end objective of the research; so their views are not predetermined.

The book is divided into eight elaborate chapters with adequate maps, figures and photographs. Chapter 1 ‘Introduction’ starts with the topics such as Signs, Place and Meaning, where a very interesting observation has been made regarding a sudden spurt of cows in the Budapest streets during the spring of 2006. It also gives the introduction to three applied studies undertaken for Applied Semiotics.

Chapter 2 introduces in more detail Pierce’s theory of semiotics, which the author is influenced by, which relates specifically to the problems of landscape interpretation. Some of the topics...
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