Book Review: the Pursuit of God (A.W. Tozer)

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Book Review
The Pursuit of God – A. W. Tozer

Chapter 1 Following Hard After God


In this chapter the overlying theme is the unrelentless pursuit of God with everything that we have. We are to abandon our way of thinking and allow him apprehend us, as we apprehend Him. A.W. Tozer in this chapter discusses the doctrine of justification by faith, as well as, the fact that science can not explain away the deity of God.

The first chapter also discusses the relation between horizontal and vertical relationships. The horizontal relationships are those relationships between you and I. The vertical relationships are those relationships between me and God. The vertical relationship is the most lasting and necessary relationship there is.


This chapter did not present any new information or anything that I didn’t already understand, but what it did present was a different perspective on how we should pursue God with everything that we have. Also, during the process of pursuing Him we will discover that He is pursuing us. We have to love God with total abandon and give Him our all.

What I Have Learned:

What I have learned that God is all that we need, when we need Him and the only thing that I must do is keep myself focused solely on Him and His will for my life.

Chapter 2 The Blessedness of Possessing Nothing


This chapter focuses on the heart of man and his motives. It discusses the fallacies of man and his selfishness. It also looks at trusting God. When God spoke to Abraham to go up to the mountain and sacrifice Isaac. This is an example of really placing your faith and trust in God totally.

In the course of this chapter one of the focal scriptures is Matthew 16:24, “Let him take up his cross and follow me” and the focus on humility and being poor in spirit. It is through this humility or “poorness” that you really discover how rich you really are.


In order to really get the heart of God or to understand it one must show humility, selflessness and trust in God. Abraham did not question God when He told him to go up the mountain a sacrifice his son. Instead, he obeyed the word of the Lord and when Issac questioned what they were going to do, his response was that the Lord will provide for himself. This is the same way that we need to be when God tells us to do something.

What I Have Learned:

I have realized that if I trust God, I am to trust him totally. When he tells me to do something I should not question, but be completely obedient to the words that I have heard.

Chapter 3 Removing the Veil


The focus of this chapter is on purpose in God. He knew us while we were yet formed in our mother’s womb and fashioned us to sweet communion with Him. We were created to worship Him, but through our deceitful and sinful ways we have departed from this common union with God and a veil has formed over us as a result of this separation.

It is because of this separation that we now have to seek to enter the presence of God. The writer discusses the chasm that exists between God and man, but most importantly the divide that keeps us at a distance from the presence of God. He then further discusses the tabernacle and explains that God is behind the veil waiting on us to come to Him with humility and a pure heart so that he can show himself to us freely. We are admonished to take the veil of self out of the equation and then we will be able to see the glory of God because we have truly entered into his presence.


Sin in our lives will cause God to put up a veil over our eyes until we come to him the right way. I enjoy the study of the tabernacle because it gives us a prescription and order of how we should come into the presence of God. Once we make it into that holy of holy place the blinders, or in this case, the veil is torn away and God can reveal Himself to us without hindrance....
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