Book Review: The Pardoner's Tale

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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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Ms. Montanino
English 4 CP
January 28, 2013

“The Pardoner’s Tale” Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Pardoner’s Tale” discusses the story of three rioters. From the start he introduces us to the men just drinking throughout the day. He talks about how they should be aware of this serial killer called ‘Death’, but the men show great pride in not caring and deciding to go after him. In the end they are distracted by money, which leads to darker consequences. Therefore, “The Pardoner’s Tale” clearly warn readers that committing one of the seven deadly sins, inevitably, leads to committing more of them. Chaucer first examines this idea when portraying the drunken rioter’s reaction to the adamant warning they receive concerning the murderer Death. Chaucer writes “’Is he so fierce to meet? I’ll search for him, by Jesus street… And we will kill traitor Death, I say… God’s dignity! Tonight!’” (Chaucer L18-21). In consciously dismissing the warning and actually pleading revenge against this dangerous killer, the rioters reveal the sin of showing great pride that they can take down this killer who has reportedly killed so many. It is obvious that their lack of humility makes them feel like they are so strong that it blinds them to their own potential danger. In addition to the sin the rioters have first committed, they commit another when they unfairly disrespect an old man. Chaucer states, “’ What, old fool? Give place! Why are you all wrapped up except your face? Why live so long? Isn’t it time to die?’” (Chaucer L137-139). With this being said to the old man it is obvious they are showing an addition to having great pride because he is putting himself before his elder. In addition, he shows great wrath when he could have just kept his composure with the old man. Moreover, Chaucer examines more closely about how adamant the men are to finding Death by stating “” I heard you mention, just a moment gone,...
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