Book Review: The Kite Runner

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  • Published : April 4, 2008
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The Kite Runner

The novel “The Kite Runner,” written by Khaled Hosseini, is about a young man named Amir and the experiences he went through during chaos in his country, Afghanistan. The story centers around Amir, the main character, and Hassan. Amir and Hassan are totally different people. Amir is well educated Muslim. Also he tends to read a lot of books. With his nerd like attributes, is somewhat disappointing to his father’s eyes. Hassan is a servant to Amir’s family. Aside as a servant he would still treat Amir with a lot of respect. Hassan would basically do everything for Amir even if he is in a dangerous situation Hassan always has Amir back. On the other hand, Amir was very jealous of Hassan because of Baba, Amir Father treated Hassan better then him. Amir would try to disgrace and abuse Hassan, there was one point of the novel where Amir tried to frame Hassan by stashing money under Hassan’s bed. Another part of the book, the Russian invade Afghanistan causing Hassan and Amir to go their separated ways. Amir wanted to return to Afghanistan to mend his wrong doings to Hassan. After talking to one of my mentor about “The Kite Runner” I have notice there was numerous propaganda message that would degrade the Afghanistan people. Many of the messages in this novel contains things about rape and violence that can cause people into thinking that Afghanistan is a filthy place.

There are a lot of examples of negative propaganda in the book that would make Afghanistan look bad. Though not all Afghans are violent rapist, the ones in the book seem to be used as propaganda. The most horrific incidents that happen was when Amir and Hassan were peacefully flying a kite during an Afghanistan event. When Amir’s kite flew away, Hassan was the one to chase after the kite. After retrieving the kite Hassan and Amir were confronted by Assef and his gang. Assef and his crew assaulted and attack Hassan while Amir watch horror. Sadly...
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