Book Review: the Filipino-American War (1899-1913)

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  • Published : March 7, 2011
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The book by Samuelle K. Tan discussed a detailed history on the Filipino-American war in the years 1899 to 1913. A new perception and information toward the American occupation was provided through this literature. The scope of the book was not limited to the “mainstream” history taught to students in the primary and secondary levels of education. It was more technical and detailed, showing how the Filipinos struggled against the Americans and how they (Americans) occupied the Philippines.

The Author, S.K. Tan, delivered the book differently by showing how the other regions reacted against the Americans and its consequence for revolting. The events in the Visayan and Mindanao islands were clearly stated and covered by the author. Although the Luzon area began its reform under the American occupation, the other islands continued to revolt against the new western occupation. Relatively, because of the modern weapons and warfare methods, the Americans have succeeded in their military conquest against insurgents, especially in Mindanao. Contrary to the American use of military power and coercion, they have shared their liberal democratic ideas to the Filipinos by using it to captivate the hearts of their leaders and the masses. Other methods were stated toward the end of the book. Methods such as Missionary missions, introduction to modern technology, socio-cultural projects, etc. were used to pacify the raging intents of the Filipinos. The promise of independence to the Filipinos made the American as a promising colonizer than the others. It can be seen in this literature the effects of the American presence to the Filipinos, both elites and the regular Filipinos. As stated in the book, the elites or the Federalistas gained more advantage over the reforms and programs made by the United States’ government.

Aside from showing how the Americans occupied and colonized the Philippines. S.K. Tan tackled the bloodshed caused by American military. Quite a number...
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