Book Review: Return to Camp 6

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  • Published : December 14, 2012
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Everest The Hard Way, which is an extract from a non-fiction book.

3) Explain which parts of Pete Boardman’s story of the return to Camp 6 you find tense and exciting. (8 marks)

The part which i find tensing is in the bit where the title speaks to the reader saying , 'But their companion Mick Burke is still on the summit... this shows that they need to go back to the camp but Mick Burke is still not with them, also 'ten more minutes' this shows that there is a time limit which creates more tense to the reader but then it ends when it says 'times up' this creates excitement, and it makes the reader want to know what it going to happen next.

The fact that they were going the wrong way creates more tense and then that there was a blizzard, and now that the decision had been made they had to think about saving thier own lives shows that they are fighting against nature, and the fact that there ws still no sign of Mick creates excitement as it makes the reader want to know about what has happened to him but at the same time it creates a bit of tense as it gives you horrible thoughts about what may have happened to him.

'Success was turning into tragedy' this quote creates tense as it shows the reader that any time your success can turn into your worst nightmare. Again Pertemba was not used to moving without 'fixed ropes' creates tense but when they find the rope in the dark creates excitement as it was the matter of life and death.

Boardman was the strong, experienced conqueror when he 'burst into tears' it shows how tensed he was and the fact that there was no sign of Mick earlier, he now knows for definite that Mick was not going to come back at all. The person who was the strongest just lost hope about Mick this createsalot of tense as it makes the reader want to know what exactly had happened to Mick.
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