Book Review on the Last Song

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  • Published : May 11, 2012
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It was out of curiosity, when my friends who happened to watch the movie, told me that it was fabulous. The actress who acted the main character in the movie was Miley Cyrus and it was looking like a generally girly film hence I wanted to watch it too. I was not able to catch the movie in the end, so I decided to get the book to satisfy my curiosity. I began to read and I was surprised at how engaging the book was. This book was none other than “The Last Song” by Nicholas Sparks. The Last Song is a classic love story and coming of age story of a teenager who possesses a classic hate to her parents. The story revolves around Veronica Miller aka Ronnie whose life was turned upside down when her parents divorced for which she blamed it on her father. She and her father shared a passion for music and now that he had moved away, she has stopped playing piano though she‘s something of a prodigy.  Being resentful and rebellious, she remains alienated from her parents, especially her father. Until her mother decides it would be best if she and her brother spent that summer with him. Of course, Ronnie refused to let her father reach out to her. However when Ronnie is accused of stealing, for which she is innocent, her only ally is her father. His simple decision to believe in her innocence causes a break in the wall between them and the two begin to relate to each other. Things also change when Ronnie meets Will, a wealthy boy from a respected family. A typical summer romance blossoms with all the melodramatic pit falls of teenage heartache and betrayal. To watch Ronnie grow and mature through the whole book was absolutely great, I loved to see how she went from a confused and rebel teenager to a full-grown young woman. She managed to end up satisfied with her life and proud for what she had accomplished. This makes me wonder if I am satisfied with my life or not. The way Nicholas Sparks developed this story is really amazing, it was also heartbreaking at times as I could...
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