Book Review on the French Revolution and the People

Topics: Feudalism, French Revolution, Master craftsman Pages: 3 (1135 words) Published: March 9, 2011
For my report I read The French Revolution and the People by David Andress to learn what were the reasons causing the French Revolutionary War. The main thesis of the book is the known problems and reactions which affected the events and outcomes of the revolution in every stage, now everyone in France was affected by the revolution. I agree with the author’s thesis on many different levels. Since the multiple troubles the people had at that time did not originate just then but decades before. As well with constant economic pressure of all the upper classes upon them only worsened the situation. Since all the troubles and problems of the poor were never looked after, now everyone in France gets a taste of the revolution.

First, many of grievances the poor had were well known throughout France. One main problem was the taille which was the main tax on property which everyone but the aristocrats and clergy had to pay. The community or its official got to decide how much each individual should pay. Since the state demanded the amount of money depending on the regions economic output. Although the state made sure they got the money by making the officials pay for any shortfalls of the taille with their own money.

Some had more strict aristocrats governing them so their rules are even more ludicrous than the others. For example, the peasants were in type of lease called half-fruits where they were given a piece of land to farm but they were to pay the owner outstanding amounts of there food and livestock to the point where they would lose money since the peasants paid for everything. They had to keep the land in good condition, buying own tools, and supply the hay and straw for livestock is just a little bit of the share the peasants had then. Another form of sharecropping but most used is the three-field system. In that form the farmer would split his field into three sections each used for specific crop for example one for wheat, another for fallow,...
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