Book Review on Raymond Carver's Will You Please Be Quiet, Please?

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  • Published : September 27, 2007
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With so many great writers throughout the history of writing, and with so many genres it is very difficult to appeal to everyone when an author finishes a polished piece of fiction. Raymond Carver's Will You Please Be Quiet, Please? however will appeal to the mass audience of fiction readers throughout all genres, because Raymond Carver allows for his readers to become lost in his vivid and continoues dreams which he concurs with raw splendor and sinster truth. Carver's book is a collection of fictional realism pieces that have many common threads of writing devices and themes, but Carver expresses and explores unique, nearly taboo themes such as voyeurism within his book in such a way that it pulls his readers into an uncomfortable exciting place within the world of imagination. Throughout his short stories in this collection Carver's real life background resonates off the page with many characters that are hard blue collar workers, take to the bottle, smoke, married, and/or divorced. These real life reflections by Carver enhance his characters, and allow for ridicious amounts of dynamic, compelling deepth to his fictional characters structure. The deepth is achieved simply by Carver's real life, and with him reflecting about what he has lived and experienced allows his reader's to read and enjoy a book that is wholeheartedly packed with actually realism.

Raymond Carver uses his imagination to shed light on normal everyday individuals, and some of the emotions those individuals encounter on a daily basis. If someone is looking for a pleasantville type "brady bunch" themed story line in Carver then that individual will be looking for eternity, because Carver does not sugar coat his stories with out-of-place nonsense fiction such as the Brady Bunch where everyone is always happy and jolly in a supposed real world setting. One can easily think of Carvers book as the exact opposite, which is he brings a real world setting to fiction. Carver's world view is people...
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