Book Review on Political Inquiry

Topics: Scientific method, Research, Science Pages: 6 (2126 words) Published: March 16, 2013
The ‘method and research patterns in political science’ written by James Jacob and Agaba Halidu is the work which is written by the mentioned authors to help students in political science and other social science to get the basic understanding on how research should be conducted and come out with scientific conclusion in the subject of discourse or the subjection of investigation. The book, give lucidity foundation in the process of carrying out a scientific investigation in political science and other related social science field. We are ask to review from chapter 1-6, therefore the book will be reviewed chapter by chapter considering each chapter under review to appreciate the good works and criticize where the authors could not provide a clear understanding or where they did mistake i.e. if there is any malapropism or typological errors, but it will be reviewed according to the rules of book reviewing process which is without sentiment. Chapter 1; FOUNDATION OF POLITICAL

In this chapter the authors gave vivid articulations on political inquiry, how the subject advances knowledge in political process in societies and how it also require students of political science to have the foundation on how to carry out research endeavors in the sphere of good governance in nation states. According to the authors “political science is said to be the queen of all other social sciences because of its relevance for all times and seasons, because as long as nation states exist the issue of politics and governance will still remain relevance least nation states slip back to Thomas Hobbes state of nature where life will become nasty, brutish, solitary and short, political inquiry has to do with arriving at dependable solution to problems. The authors gave student the guideline to follow when carrying out a research which they explained as follows, the research be is expected to put certain things in place to come out with good and acceptable conclusion in the research work to stand the test of time and be acceptable, it must be done then typically in other words, it must follow the scientific process in such a way that the study can be duplicated and almost the same conclusions can be aimed at giving the same available conduction anywhere in the world. The authors also gave clarity on the complexity of the two different sciences which are national science and social science by explaining what each dose. The national science by deals with non-living objects that can be manipulated in the laboratory in the experiment process to come out with the same conclusion in any part of the world using the same available facts and figures while social science deals with human beings have the ability to think and make independence decision, and we all know that not all human can be manipulated, but research in social science can also use the scientific methodology in the problems and challenges to find solution to those problems and challenges in the society. CHAPTER 2 TYPE OT RESEACH

In the chapter the authors provided two major types which are classified on research based which they said it includes (a) purpose base research and (b) method based on research. They did not only mention the two without elaborating on them, they went on to explained them in different ways such as (A) research type based on purpose, on this criteria they explained that research are said to be either (i) pure (basic) or (ii) Applied (i) Pure research: This research according to them is that type of research that is majorly out to expand the horizon, boundary, frontiers’ and gamut of knowledge in the words, the driving force of this research type is to make modest contribution to the existing of knowledge. In summary of pure research is the source that provides or generate new scientific ideals and ways of thinking about the world. (ii) Applied Research: in this type of research which goes according to the name application, it aimed at proffering...
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