Book Review on Hills Like White Elephants Written by Ernest Hemingway

Topics: Ernest Hemingway, Marriage, Agnes von Kurowsky Pages: 5 (2117 words) Published: March 11, 2012
Book Review on Hills Like White Elephants Written by Ernest Hemingway

Without reading the story, what do you think the story is about just by looking at the title? Before I read this story, my eight-year old daughter saw the title, and she wanted me to read this for her because she thought it was about white elephants. I also thought about reading the story for my children. When I looked at the title, I had imagined white elephants, having escaped from a zoo, went up a hill and to live freely. Before Professor Hansen taught us about the symbolism that hills and white elephants represented, I totally misunderstood about this story. They were symbolism of pregnancy and unwanted gift (to express for main characters’ mind)

I will analyze Ernest Hemingway and composition of his Hills Like White Elephants to more understand this literary work. First, I will discuss more about Ernest Hemingway’s private life because I think the way a writer is brought up influences his or her written works in many ways. In the text book, The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction has Earnest Hemingway’s short profile. I also found more about Earnest Hemingway at an internet website “”. When I read about him from the website, I felt his life was a drama that included all of genres which were ordinary family drama, romance, adventure, and tragedy; only comedy was missing. (From this all about Hemingway’s life is that I summarize from the site) According to the “”, he had a good father who liked hunting and other sports. His father also taught Ernest Hemingway how to hunt. His mother was a very devout Christian and loved music.

When he graduated from high school, his father wanted him to go college. He, however, joined the Red Cross as an ambulance driver during World War I, and he got injured. During the medical treatment for his injury, he met a nurse, Agnes von Kurowsky, and fell in love her. Agnes took care of him at the hospital. Hemingway proposed to Agnes to get marry, but she refused because she thought he was too young for her; Agnes was seven years older than Hemingway. Hemingway was only nineteen years old at the time. A nurse in A Farewell to Arms, was portray of Agnes von Kurowsky.

When Hemingway was twenty years old, he got married to Elizabeth Hadley. It was the first of four marriages he later encounters. They went on a honeymoon to Bear Lake in Michigan where he spent his most of his childhood with his father (during summar). With Elizabeth Hadley, Hemingway had one son. However, their marriage lasted only five years. They got divorced because Hemingway cheated with Pauline Pfeiffer who was editor at Vogue. After his divorce, he got married to Pauline Pfeiffer. After their three-week honeymoon, Hemingway got ill. He was depressed and could not write for a while.

In 1928, Hemingway’s father killed himself using a gun. He completed A Farewell to Arms in 1929 and sold the book for 24,000 dollar for movie rights to help his mother financially. His second marriage gave him another son; however, in 1939, he had his second divorce. After the divorce, he wrote For Whom the Bell Tolls because he felt guilty about the divorces. For Whom the Bell Tolls gave was a huge success. The book sold about 500,000 copies in five months. In 1940, Hemingway was once again married to Martha Gellhorn. But this marriage also did not last long. For his fourth and final marriage, he married Mary Welsh.

Hemingway liked fishing, writing, drinking, and travelling. He had been to Europe, United States, and Cuba. He also had travelled to Africa for lion hunting. When he came back from the lion hunting trip, he wrote The Green Hills of Africa. Hemingway often got injured and sick from trips, (plane) accidents, and drinking, and it started to take its toll on him. But, he did not stop drinking, and his health started get worse. Also, when he had to leave his house to get a job as a writer, he described how he felt...
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