Book Review on "Fat Girl"

Topics: Family, Grandparent, Mother Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: April 26, 2012
Book Review

Obesity is an upcoming and extremely prevalent phenomenon in America today. Author, Judith Moore of the book “Fat Girl” discusses some of the issues fat girls face. Her book is less about every stereo-typed fat girl and more about her story individually. Judith Moore chooses to take a different route, instead of complaining continuously about being fat, she explains in depth why she believes she is fat. She is not lazy; she expresses her knowledge of diets and her experiences of strenuous work outs but ends with little to no results. ''My flesh resists loss. My fat holds on for dear life, holds on under my bratwurst arms and between my clabber thighs.''

Food is a fuel, but to some food may be a pain reliever. For Judith, she had to face an unhappy family life early on. Judith had always been a fat girl and her father a fat man weighing close to 300 pounds. Her family was secluded and each individual only cared for themselves. Clearly her family was an unhappy one; they used food as source of pleasure and hoped it would cure the pain. At the age of four, Judith’s parents divorced. After the divorce, Judith was shipped back and forth between her mom’s mother’s farm and her mom’s apartment in Brooklyn. These trips back and forth only created more emotional scaring for Judith. Her Grandmother had a strong hatred for her father, and being that Judith was a spitting image of him, she received the backlash. Grandma fed Judiths needs literally and figuratively speaking. Each time she visited her Grandmothers farm she was fed extremely fattening comfort foods, and with that she grew larger. Her Grandmother would make comments over how large she was and how she was growing, breaking her down each time. This led to Judith’s reach for food to fill the hole created by her dysfunctional family.

The love of food steamed from her unloving family. Her continuous pattern of eating to fulfill an emotional need led to Judith’s weight gain. Judith proceeds to...
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