Book Review of the Wish List

Topics: First-person narrative, Life, Soul Pages: 2 (772 words) Published: October 16, 2010
The Plot
Meg Finn, along with Belch Brennan and his dog Raptor break into Lowrie McCall’s flat, and in the processes of escaping, Belch blows up a gas tank, killing Meg, Raptor and himself. They are dragged to Hell, but on the way, Meg was pulled back to Earth. This was because she has an equal number of good and bad things that she has done on Earth, and couldn’t get into either Heaven or Hell. To get to Heaven, she has to help Lowrie McCall complete his Wish List. In Hell, Belch and Raptor have been combined by the explosion and are sent to capture Meg and take her back to Hell. After she has completed the tasks, Meg goes to Heaven to be with her mother, while Lowrie, who was dying, gets a new lease of life. The story is about living life to the full, and that anyone can change for the better. It covers 2 years, and what happens is quite unusual, as it is not every day that a soul can’t enter Heaven or Hell, and has to help an old man do things that he wanted to do 50 years ago. It is also quite unusual, as there is a half-boy, half-dog creature in it. The opening of the story starts off a bit slow, but it then becomes exciting and dramatic. It is quite a fast paced story, so the events follow on quickly from each other. Characters

The main characters are Meg Finn and Lowrie McCall. Meg Finn is a feisty Irish teenage girl, mourning her mother who died in a car crash. Meg made her stepfather’s life hell after he made hers hell. She then calms down, after she is dead, to help Lowrie complete his Wish List. Lowrie is a pensioner, who lives on his own after his wife, who was an alcoholic, accidently drank a bottle of bleach one night. He has about six months to live and he conducts his wish list to try and sort out his life before he dies. I found most of the characters interesting (Meg, Lowrie, Belch, Beelzebub) as they all had very distinguishing attitudes and phrases or words. Between Meg and Lowrie, there is a kind of hostile, reluctant...
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