Book Review of the Clash of Civilization

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Book Review of the Clash of Civilization

By | November 2012
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There were several of tyrants in Myanmar after the army seized the power 46 years ago. Among them, a man who has iron mask and living in the darkness, none media can find out about him. A guy who has lived secretly in his whole life. A guy who appears to have a remarkable ability to block out, justify, or remain indifferent to the moral implications of his actions. A guy who seems like Hitler, the worst kingdom ever in mankind history of Myanmar. A guy who never share the power and authority and who is crazy about power. A guy the world has known he is one of the world’s most notorious dictators, presiding over a military regime that persists in repressing and brutalizing its own people. A guy who doesn’t bother the cause of child labor, sexual abuse and crimes against human rights. A guy who has a huge guilty like rape as a weapon of war, forced labour, torture, the use of child soldiers, the destruction of villages. A guy who presides over regime that is committing so many widespread atrocities against its own people Without question, he is clearly known as Than Shwe, the junta's chief since 1992 to 2011, is Burma's enigmatic but undisputed leader. No wonder why his real biography has not been told, just because he seems to be xenophobia, media-phobia and, maybe he just doesn’t want to meet up people. Even the most people in this country have never heard his voice or never seen him on TV, newspaper, magazine. So it can be simply understood he is the man who has thick iron mask on his face. As he tricks, he lies, he keeps secrets, no one can know what he really is, what he does because he is all in the dark. But the author called Benedict Rogers just brought a light into Than Shwe’s darkness to let all Burmese people about Than Shwe with a book called Unmasking Burmese Tyrant which talks about Than Shwe’s entire...

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