Book Review of "Study Skills Handbook" (Chapter 'Working with Others')

Topics: Learning, Critical thinking, Problem solving Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: March 21, 2013
“There is safety in numbers”. The meaning of this well-known saying is understandable to all. In our difficult time it is much more complex to cope alone with any deal than with a team of confederates. From all sides we are always hearing: "cooperation", "specialty" and other methods of collaboration. How to work with others? What is teamwork? What are its advantages and disadvantages? How to organize it better? From what should we start? These and another questions were discussed and disclosed in Chapter 5 “Working with others” of “The Study Skills Handbook”, which touches different themes for improving study skills and subsequently becoming a perfect student. It was written by beautiful woman Stella Cottrell and later published in 1999. In my view, she illustrates wide, necessary and efficient information that helps students to improve their attainments. Every page of the chapter 5 “Working with others” expands the most necessary qualities to learn how to work with others. This part of book contains following important information: the benefits and ways of working with others, making the group work, talking and listening skills, making your point, being an effective group member and ever dealing with difficult moments in the group. Furthermore, according to Cottrell you will gain different perspectives and views, your own thinking will be wide and stretched, your ideas progressive, and you will have a source of support. Nevertheless, it is quite natural for groups to have problems. For instance, one member can bring out people’s worry. Subsequently, it can result in aggression or failure to contribute. Also, this chapter reveals such various necessary themes as: developing strategies for making a confident oral presentation, studying support networks, prejudice, unfairness and discrimination. In my opinion, the key point of the chapter is to develop the communication skills, which will be useful in work and in life generally. It seems to me that, in dealing...
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