Book Review of Notes from a Big Country

Topics: Death Penalty, Prison Pages: 3 (1030 words) Published: April 6, 2013
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Notes from a Big Country
Author-Bill Bryson

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Mayank Shekhar (11110052)

Notes from a Big Country
The book “Notes from a Big Country” is a collection of 78 articles taken from Bill Bryson's weekly column in the Mail on Sunday's Night and Day magazine which included short stories or accounts about his life in America - mainly dealing with Bryson's experiences since returning to his home-land after living for about two decades in Britain, and the changed American way of life. The book is a collection of chapters that discussed wide and varied subjects. Bryson used elements of irony, sarcasm and self-mockery or in short he has discussed various aspects of an average American life and how it has changed in a very humorous manner. He starts off with an introductory essay about his home coming and what challenges he had to face due to a sudden culture change and then he proceeds on by shedding light on bungle some serial numbers and he goes on about random topics ranging from free doughnuts in the post office, to unfortunate accidents involving underwear, from problems with laws on drugs to non-functioning of CIAs, FBIs, he discusses about intelligence level in America, about one of his beloved devices a computer, importance of law suits in an American’s life ,culture of America i.e. about various festivals and also a chapter or two on his personal feelings. In all of his chapters his major focus was on discussing random things in modern America and how are these things different from the time when he was growing up. The thing I found interesting about the book was using humor how Bryson was capable of discussing many major issues of America or in a few cases that’s true for the entire world. With help of mockery he was very able to define a lot his sentiments which were how after spending a few years abroad and then returning back and seeing many different things which at a few instances can be bit hard to digest and through...
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