Book Review of Getting to Yes

Topics: Negotiation, Getting to YES, Roger Fisher Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Heather Morin
Book Review: Getting to YES vs. Your Guide to Improve Your Negotiation Skills Greatly 09/26/2012
I started reading the book, Your Guide to Improve Your Negotiation Skills Greatly by Thomas Anderson which I felt the introduction was executed brilliantly by using the example of a rental property. The negotiation process according to the author is similar to that of the landlord/tenant relationship; where each individual must hold up their part of the deal for the rental property. The Landlord must maintain the property and the tenant must pay for the right to live in property. If either sides fails to live up to their part of the contract, then the services can be terminated. The negotiation process is the same. I continued to read the Chapters and soon lost interest in what the author was trying to convey to the reader since each paragraph at the start of a chapter would contain the following verbiage, “most of the time there are courses that are offered online that you can a) take advantage of, b) garner more information, c) will assist in getting help with your negotiation skills. I felt that the reason I was already reading this book was to garner additional information on how best to precede with my negotiation skills. Thankfully, I only had purchased the Nook version of this book for a mere $3.99. The best information that I felt was useful to a reader in this book was the last Chapter in the book – How to negotiate a job offer. Many applicants do need to really prepare for the interview process since mistakes made during the interview can and do cost an individual not to be selected for a position. The author suggestion that all possible candidates do a market research to establish the going salary rate to ensure that their salary requirements are within going rates in that specific field and how you are the best fit for the job. Then figure out what benefits are important to you. Knowing what benefits that you need will also enable you to...
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