Book Review of 'Saint, Surfer, and Ceo'

Topics: New York City, Real life, The Final Pages: 3 (1203 words) Published: July 4, 2011
The author of this book is Robin Sharma, one of the North America’s top keynote speakers on personal leadership and life management. The title of the book is “THE SAINT, THE SURFER, AND THE CEO”. The book is about a story, which shows how to live your heart’s desires. The story takes place in a suburban city. Jack Valentine is having an appalling day, he’s very depressed with the way his life has turn out to be. A truck has just hit him and he thinks to himself “this was not a good day for me to die” (Robin Sharma, 2003, pg.1). When he opens his eyes at the hospital, he finds himself covered in bandages, as Jack recovers, he finds that his roommate in the hospital is his long-lost father who is on his last legs, he gives Jack some final advice before fading away forever. He tells Jack to ask himself these three questions; “They’re simply: ‘Did I live wisely?’ ‘Did I love well?’ and ‘Did I serve greatly?’” (Robin Sharma, 2003, pg.12). Next morning Jack finds out that his father has passed away and has left him a letter, which has three tickets to Rome, Hawaii, and New York City. At each destination awaits a teacher for Jack, who will answer the questions and guide Jack to his true destination in life. Jack starts his journey by travelling to his first destination Rome. Where he meets his first teacher named ‘Father Mike’. Father Mike lives in a cathedral where he will answer Jack’s first question ‘Did I live wisely?’ Over the four weeks Father Mike tells Jack that most of the people tend to live their lives with fear and we fear being different from others. Father Mike tells Jack that parents play the role of God with their children’s lives. Rather than trusting their children with their own decisions in life, parents feel the need to make that choice for them. Father Mike says “Success is nothing more than living your life according to your truth and on your own terms.” (Robin Sharma, 2003, pg.72). Last day of Jack’s stay in Rome, Father Mike tells Jack “Keep...
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