Book Review: Go Ask Alice

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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Go Ask Alice
By Anonymous

For my summer reading, I chose to read Go Ask Alice. It is a diary about a high school girl who gets hooked on to drugs. She was trapped in a downward spiral that took her from her great home and a loving and caring family to the streets of an unforgiving city. It is a first person account of her harrowing descent into the nightmarish world of drugs. This diary explains the hardships and troubles she went through. Alice was used, made fun of, raped and much more.

While reading Go Ask Alice, i've learned many new interesting things. One interesting thing I learned was that drugs are very addicting and harmful. Thousands of deaths occur a year due to drugs. Rather its pills or pot. I’ve learned that drugs can make you hallucinate, you can hurt yourself and others while intoxicated on drugs and you are a step closer to death. People have been put into mental hospitals because of the addiction. Once hooked onto drugs, I learned that it is very hard to un-hook yourself. While on drugs you can loose consciousness or the strength to protect yourself in certain situations. You become very vulnerable to other people. Because Alice lost her strength to protect herself, she was beat and raped.

Another interesting fact I learned was drugs can be given to you in multiple ways. A drug such as LSD could be slipped into your drink. Acid can be put on your piece of candy. These drugs especially have the ability to addict people to drugs. You can be pier pressured into drugs as well. You can smoke drugs, sniff it, eat it or even drink it.

I learned the horrors of addiction. I learned what being addicted can do to you. You can loose friends; you can loose family members and even your job. Once addicted, you are in a downward spiral. You can be robbed of your life. Especially as a young adult or teen, you can be robbed of your youth. Also I learned that some kids get addicted to drugs at the age of 9 years old....
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