Book Review: Dibbs in Search of Self

Topics: Intelligence, Intelligence quotient, Intellectual giftedness Pages: 2 (935 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Dibs is an extremely gifted child who has difficultly finding his inner-self and is emotionally disturbed. He keeps to himself, but stays close enough to those around him to pay close attention and learn from them. Dibs’ parents think he is mentally retarded and are not sure how to deal with him. In school Dibs responds the same way. He does not talk to anyone and the teachers are not sure how to help him. Dibs starts going to weekly therapy sessions and develops a safe, happy place. He begins to expose his ability to read, write and express himself. Dibs begins to realize what it takes to be happy and how to get there outside of “the playroom”. By the end of his therapy sessions, Dibs has begun to find his inner-self and finds happiness outside of the playroom through play therapy. Dibs parents finally admit they were wrong and take responsibility for the way he is. Summary

Dibs is a six year old boy who is emotionally disturbed and beyond gifted. As an infant his parents were unsure of how to care for him. As Dibs got older the relationship between him and his parents grew further apart. His parents expected so much form him at such a young age that he became emotionally turned off. He would not speak to anyone and would not make eye contact. Dibs would stay close enough to hear what others were saying and would learn that way. When Dibs did not respond to his parents they would get upset and call him stupid. They treated him like an adult and expected adult-like behavior and would lock him in his room if he had an accident, such as spilling tea. His parents were embarrassed of him and blamed him for all of their problems. Once Dibs started school they hoped things would change. Dibs’ parents sent him to a expensive private school to try to help him. His parents thought he may be mentally retarded. At school Dibs acted the same way. He would have tantrums and do his own thing. The teachers did not want to give up on him and reached out to a...
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