Book Review: American Gun Culture

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  • Published : May 24, 2012
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Book Review: American Gun Culture
Soc 372
Gun ownership as American Gun Culture describes looks at the masculinity side of why men own guns. Also explain s that family legacy of gun ownership is often a factor in determining whether one will become a gun owner. Many of us got our first guns as gifts from parents. When the parent has taken more care to teach and exemplify proper gun-handling skills and other firearms knowledge, there is a much greater chance that the recipient of this legacy will embrace (rather than reject) it. If you have had a bad experience with a gun in the past, that may be a valid reason for you not to own a gun - but probably not. It's more likely that you have an irrational attitude towards guns, and unreasoned bias is never good. Gun collecting has many facets, but most focus on the historic, technical or artistic merits of the arms which make them appealing to collectors. Some collectors cherish a rusty bayonet, or musket ball recovered from an old battlefield. Others like the artistry and craftsmanship of a Kentucky rifle, or a valuable pair of cased flintlock dueling pistols, or a shotgun engraved by one of the living masters. Ammunition collectors delve into the minute details and has all kinds rituals and cleaning time is greatly involves. Some collectors seek to fill a collection with arms of a single maker, others of a single historic period, some concentrate on a specific caliber, or country of origin. Many just want to own guns that they like for various reasons. Many arms collectors enjoy shooting their guns, and many people interested in living history (reenacting) become arms collectors as an outgrowth of that hobby. While not purely collectors, they are potential future collectors, and their experiences can provide valuable information to collectors.  Hunting as indicated is a fine reason to own a gun - or several guns. Different game calls for different firearms, so there's good reason to own a number of shooting'...
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