Book Review, Abraham Lincoln

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  • Published : December 22, 2012
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Carinna Powell
November 29, 2012
Period 1
Hayman, Leroy. The Death of Lincoln. New York: Scholastic Books, Inc., 1968. In the book, The Death of Lincoln, written by Leroy Hayman, it truly shows mostly every important event prior to Abraham Lincoln’s death and after the assassination as well. Like Lincoln, Hayman has known was true pain feels like. Not only was Hayman hit in the head by an ink bottle, but he survived the terrible accident and continued to live his heroic life although he became paralyzed for the rest of his life. After this horrifying mishap, he became an author which led him to the creation of The Death of Lincoln and many other biographies. In this historical, non-fictional book, Hayman supports his thesis of “The president was wrong about the amount of time he had left.” by describing every crucial detail that led up to the president’s death and the capturing of the murderer and his accomplices. Hayman’s real purpose for creating this book was to retell a worn out story in a different, creative way. Hayman didn’t just tell readers’ information; he described an infamous, devastating event that has now become a huge part in American history in an interesting way. Once readers have read his book, it leaves them satisfied with the fact that they know more now before reading it. As Hayman starts off the book with Chapter One, Dream Remembered, the reader learns that the Civil War is happening in the time period of Lincoln’s term and that Lincoln and his wife were quickly on their way back to Washington from Virginia because they heard that William H. Seward, Secretary of State, had gotten into an accident and needed Lincoln by his side immediately. Once Lincoln came to Seward’s side, Lincoln states, “and I think we are near the end at last.” (15) This statement Lincoln made was basically the start off point that began the whole story and a new beginning for the United States. The night of Seward’s accident, Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War,...
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