Book Review: 1984

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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1984 Final Essay
George Orwell’s story “1984” teaches us that leadership and power can be token way too far in society. In this book the totalitarian government has total control over the people. The government watches everyone with telescreens which are pretty much cameras, they say “Big Brother is watching”. Also there is police called “thought police” they handle thought crime, which are thinking of something against the law. If you get caught committing a thought crime you are sentenced to death. That’s a bit harsh; the government is taking it way too far. The most convicted thought crime is people saying “down with Big Brother” The government also abuses their power in this society. There are three social classes in this society the inner party, the outer party, and the proles. The inner party is the government members and the smarter people. The outer party is made of the normal people in society, and the proles are the poor. You are born into the social class you are in you cannot move up or down. The government abuses their power by totally controlling the outer party and proles, but the inner party has way more privilege than the others. They are not watched as the outer and proles are. They can commit what would be called crimes to the other parties with no consequence.

There are some governments today that are totalitarian like the government in “1984”. Some examples are North Korea and Singapore. They may not be as strict as the government in Oceania but they are the same type of government. They have strict laws and harsh convictions like Oceania. North Korea is the most like Oceania’s government. In North Korea every radio is locked onto a government frequency. Cell phones and the internet is banned also, they only allow elite members of the government to access them. This is like the government in “1984” the members of the higher class get away with more things than lower classes. “The bubble that Kim Jong Il has created allows him to...
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