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Topics: Veterinarian, Veterinary medicine, James Herriot Pages: 3 (1363 words) Published: April 14, 2013
In his book , it shouldn't happen to a vet , James Herriot clearly tells readers about the challenges veterinarians face and the ups and downs of being a vet. Readers are given an insight into the way the daily lives of veterinarians play out. He describes the dozens of tasks he is burdened with, the inspections he has to carry out , and the cases he has to handle . It requires skill to do so much in so little time. On top of that a misdiagnosis can have extremely severe consequences . It is vital that efficiency is given just as much importance as precision and accuracy however. In the book James once cursed himself for having underestimated the time a certain task would talk . These words truly portrayed how spending too much time on one case can have a domino effect on everything else. But even as this is known and accepted there is not much vets can do to overcome this obstacle. Unlike other occupations ,vets can never be fully prepared for a case. They are knowleged individuals who are equipped with the skills and tools necessary to carry out their job. They know what the common cases are. But when they are given a case or left to make a diagnosis they don't have the time to mull over it . They have to do it there and then, unlike lawyers , for example , who have days to prepare their case. Yet losing a court case is not as severe as wrongly diagnosing an animal. They can easily come across cases that they do not know how to deal with despite years of study . In one of the earlier chapters of the book , James tries very hard to cure a cow belonging to Mr Handshaw. The cow wouldn't get up. At first James attributed this to milk fever and attempted to cure this by injecting bottles of calcium . Later when the cow still didn't get up even as dusk approached, James said the cause of this was paralysis which he said could by cure by giving the cow a stimulant injection.The next day the cow was still not up and walking, James said the cause of this was a broken...
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