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Topics: Animal Farm, Leadership, Communication Pages: 5 (1863 words) Published: October 23, 2012
Animal Farm, written by George Orwell, is a novel presenting a fictional world where animals can communicate with each other and act like humans. Animal farm is a book concerned about the politics of leadership and the rise of fall of great leaders; also the events surrounding the Animal Farm are mirrored to the events that took place during the Russian Revolution. There is also a relevance and resemblance of the occurrences in the book with the operations of a business and business communication. Within the content of the book, there were many parallels identified that existed with business communication, such as the various methods used to communicate with the animals on the farm such as meetings, written communication, debates and committees. Also, the communication channels used to communicate externally between the animal farm and the outside world, such as the use of word of mouth from Mr. Whymper as the messenger and the receiver, also the pigeons was used as messengers to spread news to other farms in England. Furthermore, technology was witnessed to prevail at the end of the story, as a source of progress in Animal Farm such as installing a telephone and subscribing to magazines. Animal farm also portrayed a comparison between the leadership approaches of human with that of the pigs that controlled the farm. In Animal Farm, old Major the boar on the Manor Farm, called the animals for a meeting and made a speech, Major explained to the animals that they are enslaved and exploited, and that man is to blame. Old Major was a visionary leader, he communicated his vision and mission clearly to the animals and stated that ‘Whatever goes on two legs is an enemy’. Old Major instructed the animals ‘that in fighting against man we must not come to resemble him’, ‘Even when you have conquered him, do not adopt his vices’. Major also outlined the seven commandments that the animals followed which stated that, no animal must ever live in a house, sleep in bed, wear clothes, drink alcohol, smoke tobacco, touch money and engage in trade. Major also professed that all the habits of man are evil, no animal must ever kill another animal and that all animals are equal. Soon after old Major died, two pigs named Napoleon and Snowball assumed command and commenced planning the attack on Mr. Jones the owner of the farm who treated them with cruelty, seldom fed them, stole the products of their own labor and whipped and slaughter them at his discretion. Napoleon and Snowball conducted meetings with the animals and motivated them which were revolutionary as they revolted and drove Mr. Jones away from the farm. However, the animals’ victory and new found freedom would not last long, as the greed and power of Napoleon and the other pigs took dictatorship over all the other animals on the farm and completely reversed all Major’s commandments and did the exact opposite of what Major told them to do. The modification of the seven commandments caused the animals to follow rules that went against the original laws which had dictated the entire purpose of the animals’ revolution against man. Napoleon essentially resembles the human, as he now portrays the human behavior and the animals are not able to distinguish the difference between the humans and the pigs. Therefore, the other animals on the farm are now faced with the harsh cruelty that even after the revolution they were still exploited and enslaved by the pigs.

The Parallels which exist with Business Communication
Communication is the process of transferring information and meaning between senders and receivers, using one or more written, oral, visual, or electronic channels. The essence of communication is sharing, providing data, information and insights in an exchange that benefits both you and the people with whom you are communicating. In Animal Farm the animals communicated with each other by conducting group meetings, engaging in debates, forming committees,...
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