Book Report: The Spirit of the Chinese People

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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In the early 20th century, there is a saying among the westerners: When you go to China, you can not visit Taihe Palace-Zhonghe Palace-Baohe Palace, but you must visit GuHongming.
GuHongming was born in the South(Nanyang), studied in the West(Xiyang), married in the East(Dongyang), worked in the North(Beiyang). And he was proficient in English, French, German, Latin, Greece, Malaya and other kinds of nine languages. What’s even more amazing was that he had received 13 doctorate degrees. Once a time, he read English newspapers took tures in the bus and ridiculed British that they were lacking of culture. Moreover, he was the first people who translated Lunyu and Zhongyong into English and made them widespread in the Western countries. With the silver tongue, he talked Hole Science with Japanese Prime Minister Ito Hirobumi. He corresponded with literary master Lev Tolstoy to discuss the world cultural and political situation. He was known as "the most distinguished Chinese people" by Mahatma Gandhi in India.

The Spirit of the Chinese People is the representative work of GuHongming and it collected from a series of papers with the core of the spirit of the Chinese people. At the time of facing Western powers bullying the Chinese nation and discriminating against the Chinese culture, Gu Hongming is to reveal the main thrust of the spiritual life of the Chinese people, expounding the eternal values of Chinese traditional culture.

The first spirit of Chinese people is gentle, a gentleman by nature and is not weak, nor is it vulnerable to yield, but not tough, harsh, rude and violent.The book says if you can get all mainkind to recognise right and justice, as a force higher than physical force, and moral obligation as something which must be obeyed, then the use of physical force will become unnecessary; then there will be no militarism in the world. But of course there will be in every country a few people, ciminals, and in the world, a few savages who will...
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