Book Report -the Notebook by Nicolas Sparks

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Book Report
The Notebook By Nicolas Sparks

Guatemala Sep 28, 2012
The Notebook begins with a man in a nursing home, reading a story to a woman. The story is about two young lovers, Allie Hamilton and Noah, who meet one day at a carnival. Although the two are falling in love, Allie's parents don’t allow the relationship between the two young lovers and decide to move Allie away from Noah and the town. They moved to New York, but Allie never gave up on Noah and always kept her faith to one day their love would have a way to come back, but after waiting for any sign (such as letters) from Noah from years, Allie meets Lon and becomes engaged. However, Allie still has feelings for Noah. Despite her commitment for Lon, Allie decides to visit Noah to see how he's doing after seeing his picture in the newspaper in front of a house he said he was going to restore (and did). It soon becomes apparent that they still have feelings for each other. Allie spend wonderful days with Noah, but suddenly her mother Anne Hamilton surprises her finding her in Noah’s house. Allies mother confess her that she kept and hide from her the letters that Noah had been sending to her years ago. Allie now has to choose between Lon, the man she had already scheduled to marry, and Noah, the man who she wants. Allie picks Noah, her one true love, and dumps Lon. Noah and Allie end up having a happy life and die together peacefully in the nursing home, side by side.

Major Characters
* Noah: The narrator of the book and the main character, Noah is a good and kind man who fell in love with Allie fourteen years before the novel opens. He has never forgotten her and is overwhelmed with how much he still loves her when she returns to tell him she is engaged.

* Allison Hamilton: A young woman who comes from a privileged family, she spends a wonderful summer with Noah when they are young, but is...
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