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  • Published : June 5, 2012
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The Notebook Book Report

This book report was written for Reading and Writing Workshop Class, as an assignment. The book I read is one of the New York Times Best Seller all over a year it originally published in hardcover by Warner Books and it has 213 pages the first publication was in 1997, written by Nicholas Sparks “The Notebook” relates a love and passion story between two young lovers who met in a summer and both fell in love each other, and separated by social classes at the time.

It starts with old men who was in a place where people take care of old people, he was thinking about life, about love. And getting ready to do the thing that he do every day, read the notebook that he has, he read that notebook to a women who is in the same building tha he, waiting for a miracle.

The story takes place in North Carolina in 1942. Noah Calhoun used to be just working, fixing and repairing a house that he bought after work hard and fight in the war, he keep working instead keep thinking in Allie Nelson who was a girl who met at the beginning of the summer in a fair in New Bern’s town. Allie went there in vacations with her family.

Noah was a poor guy, unlike Allie who comes from a very wealthy family, at the time they met, both fell in love each other, and they become inseparables. Allie’s mother did not like Noah just because he did not have money. At the end of the summer Allie with her family gone, Noah promise to write her every day.

By many years he wrote to her without receiving any reply from her, but he never give up, he did not receive any reply because Allie’s mother did hide the letters received. Many years pass by, and both met others persons, despite that Noah after that he still alone, unlike Allie who was engaged with Lon Hammond a very wealthy lawyer, who come from a very important family from the South he met him during she was a nurse’s volunteer during the war.

During the wedding’s plan Allie though about visit Noah, and she...
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